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A Generous Little Rabbit

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Kelinci Kecil
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Once upon a time, there lived a little rabbit in the green hills. He planted carrots, beans and kales. He liked gardening so much. He took care of his plants well. He just wished the plants would grow heavy. Several weeks later, He got his wish. Because of rain, the plants grew lush and bushy. How lucky a little rabbit.

A little rabbit woke up in the early morning. He felt pleased and passion when the harvest time came. He began to harvest his favorite plant, carrots. He put the carrots into a brown wicker basket. Then he harvest beans and green kales. “Thanks, God. You gave me what I want” said a little rabbit. Finally, the plants have harvested.

One day, the ugly goat came to rabbit’s house. A little rabbit welcomed him kindly. “Did you know why I come here?” the ugly goat asked. “Could you tell me why?” He asked. “Almost a full day I haven’t eaten. I couldn’t find green grasses near the river. I thought I will die” the ugly goat explained calmly. “Oh,,, my friend.  I was so sorry to hear that. Waited a minute” the rabbit said. After hearing the ugly goat’s statement, He walked to the kitchen then came back to the ugly goat by bringing bundles of kale. “Here you were” He said. The ugly goat felt happy and said thanks to a little rabbit. Then the ugly goat went to house.

Two days later, a little rabbit gave his harvest to his friends and neighbors. Everyone who got it felt pleased and prayed to him for his successfulness. “Dear little rabbit, I was so glad to you. You’re really friendly and generous. I hoped you will be always lucky in your life” one of them said. “Never mind, friend. It was okay. The Lord gave me a beautiful life and I wanted to share it to you” he answered kindly.

That was a generous little rabbit. He was very pleased. Sharing something was a beautiful thing for him. By that day on, He planted some plants in the large fields with his friends then harvested together when the harvest time came. He was happier than he had never been.

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